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Crochety with crochet?

I've never mastered the art of knitting...
I've love the look and concept of crochet but that also felt unconquerable.

 My dear late Nana tried many times to teach me but I just didn't get it. I'm left handed, she wasn't, and my hands and brain ( I'm slightly ambidextrous with things) just could not grasp it.

Actually, the last time I saw her and the last time she really had a conversation with me was after she'd had a stroke and lost her vision apart from the odd moment where she would have a pinhole tunnel of vision several metres away.

She said " are you crocheting!" as I sat on a couch across from her chair.
"Yes tho I'm still getting the hang of it and feel all fingers and thumbs " I replied.
"I'll say you look bloody awkward!" she said with a huge smile on her face and then she felt my squares and complimented that it felt good and to keep it up and was impressed by the fleece inner method. 

She passed away a few days …

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