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The splice of life

They often say a quilt is about a journey- in its making and for the quilter.
This quilt most definitely has had a journey in its making, and my journey in making pieced non art quilts.

I've called it "the splice of life"  as it's made up of lots of splices and strips of fabric made into individual 5 1/2 inch blocks, then made into long rows of assembled strips. There probably was an easier way to assemble large pieces with spliced inserts but I wanted to use a lot of scrap low volume pieces so spliced into these with random earthy tones and duck egg greens that suit my parent-in-law's bedroom. Also I made it up as I went and it's only the second large bed quilt I've ever made/finished!

It is for my mother and father in law's golden wedding anniversary this weekend. I have fabrics in there that speak of them....firewood, crosswords and ironing, gold, green, ferns, earthy things, wine corks, cooking, sewing writing, travel inspired fabrics etc.


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