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NZ Quilt Symposium 2017 Entry

a book is a dream you hold in your hands, 2017

Back story: This quilt is a story about a story.

Egg Day was a book given to my daughter Maya on the day her brother Kalden’s embryo (the frozen egg) was implanted. They were both IVF "miracle" babies.
It is inspired by this image.

It is about the relationship between Nana and her grandchildren when she visits, they sneak into the super king bed in the spare room early morning once they hear Nana and Grandpa and have stories. She also hides little surprises under the bed and they have treasure hunts to find them.
Grandpa’s old shirts feature in the binding, shared joviality about Grandpa and his shirt collection!
My daughter always goes to bed with an armful of soft toys – in particular 2 soft cats which she has had since she was small (now 8) and a few other cats and animals. Bedtime checks always involve the extraction of several handfuls of toys from under her. It is a story about my fabric stash that I didn’t realise had so many …

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